Ethical Channel

Since 2015, Real Betis Balompié has had a Regulatory Compliance Program, the objective of which is to prevent the criminal and reputational risks to which it is exposed. You can access the Code of Ethics, the main document of the Regulatory Compliance Program, at the following link: Code of Ethics

Within the framework of this Regulatory Compliance Program, Real Betis Balompié makes available to all its employees, suppliers or third parties with a direct relationship and commercial or professional interest the Ethical Channel of outsourced management, confidential, with the possibility of anonymity and accessible to parties. both internal and external stakeholders. This Channel is intended both for raising queries and/or doubts about the Regulatory Compliance Program, as well as for communicating suspicions of non-compliance with it, as well as any other applicable regulations. Do not hesitate to raise any possible non-compliance that you suspect or questions related to the Regulatory Compliance Program.

Real Betis Balompié is deeply committed to integrity and ethics as one of its corporate principles, which includes zero tolerance for retaliation against any person who, in good faith, informs the Club, through the Ethics Channel, breaches of the Regulatory Compliance Program or any other internal regulations.
You can access the ethics channel at the following address: .
The principles of action that govern the ethical channel are:

  • Guarantee of confidentiality of the identity of the informant, the investigated person and any other affected person or third party, as well as the processing of the information and the investigation carried out.
  • Protection of the privacy and dignity of the people involved.
  • Priority and urgent processing, taking into account the nature of the complaint.
  • Exhaustive investigation of the facts, carried out by specialized professionals, if necessary.
  • Guarantee of the principle of presumption of innocence and the right of defense of the affected parties.
  • Guarantees of action by adopting the necessary measures, including those of a disciplinary nature.
  • Indemnity against retaliation against whistleblowers in good faith.