The disability department is responsible for providing personalized attention to all members and fans with functional diversity and/or reduced mobility. Through the Bético Customer Service Office (OAB) and/or our email you can make any type of query or send your suggestions.

Pilar Castillo is the DAO (Disability and Accessibility Officer) of Real Betis Balompié. This position, which is supported by UEFA, is designed to provide fans with functional diversity with a link to the Club.


Our DAO will be happy to answer all your questions. Your contact details are:

Mobile: 663 21 32 20
  • Monday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Match days at the Benito Villamarín Stadium during the week: from 9:00 a.m. until the start of the match.
  • Match days at the Benito Villamarín Stadium on the weekend: from four hours before the start of the match.

    Accessible tickets

    There are two accessible entrances without using the elevator, which allow access to the stadium without saving any steps. However, it is possible to climb one or more steps to reach the town.

    For this reason, we recommend that before purchasing a ticket, look at the table that appears in the “easily accessible locations” section or contact our DAO.

    In addition, there are four entrances accessible via elevator (Parking Gol Norte, door 17, 18B, 8A).


    Gate 1, 3 (Preference Tribune). People with reduced mobility who have purchased their ticket or are located in the lower tier can access their location through the accessible route that appears signposted.

    Gate 5 (North Goal Grandstand). It is accessed via a ramp and is accessible for people in wheelchairs. People with reduced mobility who are located or have purchased their ticket in the Gol Norte lower tier can also access. You must previously notify our DAO before the game.

    Accessible Tickets


    The entire perimeter of the Stadium can be accessed by four elevators that can transport fans from the street level (Level 0) to the different levels of the Stadium (Lower Grandstand, First Amphitheater, Second Amphitheater).

    Each elevator has a safety person to ensure you are taken to the correct tier.

    Each elevator corresponds to a number and accesses a specific area of ​​the Stadium. You must take into account the town number (even or odd) for its use.

    Elevator Door Access areas
    Elevator 1 Gol Norte Parking Preference (1ANF - 2 ANF)*
    Gol Norte (Even Localities)
    Elevator 2 17A Gol Norte (Odd Locations)
    Background (Even Localities)
    Elevator 3 18B Background (Odd Locations)
    Gol Sur (Even Localities)
    Elevator 4 8A Gol Sur (Odd Locations)

    *Accessing the 2nd Preferential Amphitheater via elevator also involves climbing a long flight of stairs. We recommend that people with reduced mobility do not purchase tickets in this area.

    The use of the elevator does not rule out going down or up stairs. All stands in the stadium can be accessed by stairs or lifts, but please note that use of these lifts is restricted to those holding a Lift Pass (season ticket holders only).

    If you wish to request it, please contact us via email




    People with reduced mobility who do not travel in a wheelchair can buy their ticket in the stadium locations with better accessibility. If you buy your ticket in an area with elevator access, you must notify us through

    It must be taken into account that access to most of these locations may require going up or down some steps. For this reason we recommend sending an email to .

    Zones Rows Locations Door 1 or 2 steps
    20110 01 193 to 217 1-3 NO
    20110 02-03 193 to 217 1-3 YEAH
    20109 01 151 to 191 1-3 NO
    20109 02-03 151 to 191 1-3 YEAH
    10201 25-24 156 to 242 Elevator 1 YEAH
    10202 25-24 104 to 54 Elevator 1 YEAH
    10203 25-24 36 to 104 Elevator 1 YEAH
    10204 25-24 2 to 34 Elevator 1 YEAH
    10205 25-24 1 to 33 Elevator 2 YEAH
    10206 25-24 35 to 101 Elevator 2 YEAH
    10207 25-24 103 to 153 Elevator 2 YEAH
    10208 25-24 155 to 175 Elevator 2 YEAH
    30201 25-24 230 to 216 Elevator 2 YEAH
    30202 25-24 214 to 162 Elevator 2 YEAH
    30203 25-24 160 to 98 Elevator 2 YEAH
    30204 25-24 96 to 34 Elevator 2 YEAH
    30205 25-24 32 to 2 Elevator 2 YEAH
    30206 25-24 1 to 31 Elevator 3 YEAH
    30207 25-24 33 to 95 Elevator 3 YEAH
    30208 25-24 97 to 159 Elevator 3 YEAH
    30209 25-24 161 to 213 Elevator 3 YEAH
    30210 25-24 215 to 257 Elevator 3 YEAH
    30211 25-24 259 to 277 Elevator 3 YEAH


    Wheelchair seats are located in the lower stands of the Gol Norte and Fondo Grandstands. In this location, the person in a wheelchair and the companion are located, who would be in a seat right next to them. If a third person comes, they must be located in the stands.

    To buy the ticket, first select the seats you want and then enter the code MOVILIDAD2122 in the "Apply your promotions and discounts > do you have a promotional code?" section. This code is only applicable to purchase two tickets (person in a wheelchair + companion). If you go without a companion, the code will not apply.

    We also inform you that wheelchair access will not be allowed to any other area of ​​the stadium or with any entrance other than the wheelchair-enabled area. The Club reserves the right to request the supporting documentation that it considers necessary to access its location, and may deny entry if the necessary requirements for this area are not met.

    If you want to buy it physically you must go to the stadium ticket offices located at gate 10 of the Gol Sur Grandstand. There is an entrance accessible via a ramp.

    Access to the seats for people in wheelchairs is through a ramp located at door 5 of the Gol Norte Grandstand.


    Most areas are elevated to offer good line of sight. However, there are areas that have vision problems and the Club is working to solve them.

    Temporary location changes

    Members with temporary mobility problems (e.g. leg injury) who cannot go to their seat and require an easily accessible location must send an email to at least two days before the match to be able to manage each case.


    Our Club does not offer concessions on tickets for fans with functional diversity.

    All tickets are charged at the corresponding grandstand price for that match. The prices appear in the following link:

    The ticket offices are located at door 10 of the Gol Sur grandstand and have level access via a ramp.


    This service has the sole objective of facilitating access to the stadium for those people who, for different reasons, may have difficulties accessing it.

    On match days there is a tent in the outside area of ​​the Fondo stand (Av. De la Palmera) where our volunteers will escort people with mobility problems to their seats who request it.

    To do this, you must fill out the attached document and send it to the email or fill it out in person on the same day of the match in the tent.

    Download Form


    On match days, our Club has a special team of volunteers who offer to help and advise members and fans with reduced mobility. Around 20 volunteers from the support team for fans with reduced mobility work on match day.



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